Activación de Porteños. Pingas Rompentes

Breaking Dicks

A look at Galicia

Galician Sea Museum

October 1, 2021 - January 9, 2022

curated by Sara Donoso


As a complement to the "Breaking Pingas" exhibition, the artist Carme Nogueira carried out an activity that includes reflections on the growth of the city, its flows, the influence of the sea and its dynamics.

Starting from the piece Porto (Porteños), which presents in the exhibition a history of crossings between Chile and Galicia through the influence of the sea, a meeting will be held with the attendees in the public space of the Museo do Mar de Galicia to reflect on the influence of the port of Vigo in the construction of the city. Pablo Mariño, Iria Sobrino, Xoán Carmona and Mariña López, representatives of different sectors related to heritage, industry, tourism and work linked to the sea, participated in this meeting as guests.

After a visit to the exhibition to see the work, the artist will activate the project beyond the exhibition space, inviting those present to wonder about the social, political and cultural influence of port cities.

Pablo Mariño, founder of Bluscus Marine Tourism
Iria Sobrino, architect
Xoán Carmona Badía, Professor of History and Economic Institutions
Mariña López, head of the ANFACO Museum


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