Audio guides

As part of the exhibition and as a way to work with the materials which were being added to the exhibition, I did four audio guides to dialogue with the texts and captions of the tables. These four audioguides could be heard thanks to a qr code and they were contextualized with the texts made by Elena Prado. They worked as an epistolary relationship. This way of working had its reason to be because the project started as an invitation for a residency in Witte Rook. Due to covid-19 restrictions, I could not travel and it was trasformed into a collaboration with Elena Prado. I worked as an artist in residence remotely and Elena investigated in Breda.

The title of the project refers this fact: Cartas de España (Letters from Spain) and, at the same time, makes reference to the publication "Carta de España" which was an important publication that was created for the spanish emigrants in the 70s.

The four images chosen were previously in the city archives of Breda and respond to the label: spanish.

The audioguides were recordered by Marco Maril.

The dutch language was recorded by Lise Sore.

The audioguides are housed in Witte Rook soundcloud.


Audioguide 1,

Hendrick de Meier (picture up)



Audioguide 2: Spanish workers





Audioguide 3: Spanish children at school




Audioguide 4: Spanish Inmigrants