Castillete, the publication


The publication is a Catillete´s facsimile; a newspaper published by the company Hulleras de Sabero y Anexas S.A. between 1978 and 1990. In the original publication they published issues related to the live in the valley. The present Edition was developed during the time of the exhibition Castillete. Retablo Minero (El paisaje en Desplazamiento I) by Carme Nogueira as part of the exhibition series La forma y el querer-decir curated by Leire Vergara in Laboratorio 987 de Musac.




Most of the materials of the magazine came from the seminar held in Laboratorio 897 during 20 an 21 October 2012. The seminar took place in the exhibition space and counted with the collaboration of Juan José Castillo, Chair of Sociology in Complutense University and Doctor in Social History by Sorbonne; Paz Benito del Pozo, Lecturer of Geography by Leon University; María Lois, lecturer of Political Geography in Complutense University and the Lebanese artist Rana Hamadeh. The use of the exhibition room pretended to activate the device designed by the artist to this end.




The logic of showing different layers and different materials that are present in the landscape present in the exhibition was also present in the discussions. Different perspectives from the artistic practices or the intervention to the industrial Heritage or the geography were put together.


The issue have also some contributions made parallel to the seminar as the “retablo minero” made by vasque artist Nader Koochaki and a essay by Mar Villaespesa, member of UNIA arteypensamiento.  There is also a photographic work showing the visit of a Group of attendants to the seminar to the Sabero valley guided by Jaoquin Evaristo Faria, a Portuguese living in Sabero for very long and exworker in the industry, one of the protagonist of this story by Javier Fernández Pérez de Lis.






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