I made a series of offset prints from a fragment of Buñuel´s "Las Hurdes. Tierra sin Pan". I took the script of a small part of the film, the one when Buñuel and his team visits the school, and using this text I made some prints. Later, I add to them some texts from some hurdanian students, who were studying at the same time that Buñuel did the film. I found these memories, these texts, from some school notebooks that these children did whit the Freinet methodology. Both texts (Children´s and Buñuel´s) speak about the same territory, but they do that from a different point of view.
Children´s texts were printed using type press as I wanted to use the same method they used with their scholar print. I selected some texts and printed them on the previous offset prints. Acting this way I made I sort of conversation or speech "side by side" between Buñuel and the children.
The difference between typography and offset is almost invisible. The stamp is the only visible difference as the type and the size are the same.
As a third layer in the prints I added some drawings I copy from the school books. I did these drawings using engraved on linoleum. This process has also to do with Freinet techniques as children used to exchange text and drawings and send their notebooks to other schools in which the Freinet technique was used. Indeed, some of the texts and drawings that I found seem to have been living different sources.