The public discussion, Working papers



Working papers is the publication made with the contributions of the public discussion that took place in Berlín, May 2011.


Introduction, Carme Nogueira

Dis-placing centers?, María Lois

Deconstructing the hybris of the zero point, Heriberto Cairo

10 pgs

limited edition


Again, the artefact becomes a mean for interrupting daily spatial practices. It allows seeing the geographical imaginations, and the daily spatial practices and perfomances that characterize everyday life. In this sense, the gaze over landscape in the West side pays attention to struggles over meaning, to perspectives no represented in the hegemonical and changing interpretations of the city. The place may become a site to interpellate representational regimes, a place for suspension of beliefs, a place for discussion and debate I invite you to follow…


María Lois, organizer




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