Purposes were threefold

GUIDED VISIT IN "MAISON DU PEUPLE", CLICHY, PARÍS. This guided visit was also filmed to be show as a video piece and  is accompanied by a printed guide, which is part of the project.

Discourse 1: text from a Aluminium Français´s catalogue. Prouvé worked together with this company in Maxéville.

Discourse 2: quote from Les Damnés de la Terre by Franz Fanon.


Los fines eran triples from carme on Vimeo.

1.-«The goals were threefold: 1.– To present users with equipment and products which are specially adapted to the particular conditions of employment in the French Overseas Departments
and Territories and that the metropolitan industry is capable of producing.4 2.– To provide manufacturers and exporters information on the needs in these territories.5 3.– To support increased contact between producers and users and develop the outbound transactions of the home country.7 [...] We particularly noticed the presentation dismountable prefabricated buildings that provide a key solution to the universal issue of housing, especially in the Colonies where the lack of suitable materials, transport difficulties and lack of qualified labour make it even more difficult to build houses.»


2.-«If the building of a bridge does not enrich the awareness of those who work on it, then that bridge ought not to be built and the citizens can go on swimming across the river or going by boat. The bridge should not be “parachuted down” from above; it should not be imposed by a deus ex machina upon the social scene; on the contrary it should come from the muscles and the brains of the citizens. Certainly, there may well be need of engineers and architects, sometimes completely foreign engineers and architects; but the local party leaders should be always present, so that the new techniques can make their way into the cerebral desert of the citizen, so that the bridge in whole and in part can be taken up and conceived, and the responsibility for it assumed by the citizen. In this way, and in this way only, everything is possible..»

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