"Castillete", the seminar, was made as part of the exhibition during the 20th and 21st of October. This encounter pretended to put together experiences and knowledge from different fields related to landscape, physical and vital landscape. The Sabero valley and its industrialization from beginning XX century is the point of departure.

The seminar wants to work in depth with the relation between disciplines, establishing art with its own place and put together the different ways of knowledge of the politic geography, sociology, industrial archaeology and art, all of them working with its constructions, methodologies and partial views.


20th October


Juan José Castillo, Chair in Soiology, Complutense University, Madrid.  Doctor in Social History by Sorbona "Memoria del trabajo y mundos del trabajo en la recuperación del patrimonio industrial y del patrimonio intangible"


Paz Benito del Pozo, Lecturer in Geography, León University. "Patrimoniro Industrial: Innovaciones desde una perspectiva geográfica"


María Lois, Lecturer in Politic Geography, Complutense University, Madrid. "Reflexión sobre las prácticas artísticas como espacios de representación de las comunidades locales"


Rana Hamadeh, artist. "The tired land"




21st october

Guided visit by Joaquín Evaristo Faria in the Sabero  Valley.