Serie de Baldosas

As part of the project, I made a Tile series following the portuguese tradition of painting tiled walls after costumbrist photographs. Most of the pictures we can see in the streets show rural scenes or historical representations. Some of the photographies from Alvão´s seires "Levantamiento de las Tierras do Vinho do Porto" were painted in tiles.
In my work, these tiles are mixed with pictures from the Colonial Exhibition Serie. These pictures became famous and their protagonist, Rosinha and the little Augusto, were popular. These photgraphies were not painted into tiles.
In this sense, the representation of the female body, both in the case of Rosinha and in the countryside women, keeps the same representative mode, although with different stereotypes. I use some of these pictures as raw forms, motiv, decoration.

_Drawing from the picture "Dão. Levantamento dos territórios do Vinho do Porto", Alvão, 1933. Four-tile pattern.
_Drawing from the pictures Woman. Levantamento dos territórios do Vinho do Porto, Alvão, 1933 and Guine. Rosinha, Alvão, 1934. Six Tiles
_Drawing from the picture "Interior do Pavilhão da Fábrica. de Fiação e Tecidos Rio Vizela. Lª", Alvão, 1934