Wunderkammer Ebensee

WUNDERKAMMER EBENSEE (together with Desirée Vidal)

commissioned project for Festival of Regions 2015 - Shift Change – Slogging Away in Ebensee
curator: Gottfried Hattinger
19th June to 28th June 2015
venue: Direktor Villa Hause, Ebensee (Austria)


Wunderkammer Ebensee is a commissioned artistic project for Festival of Regionen 2015 created by Carme Nogueira and Desirée Vidal Juncal.

FdR’15 challenges us to work with a global concern, more evident with economical crisis : the shift to a new model of virtual and dislocated work and workers. Giving special relevance to the process, we want to collect memories, stories and objects from local people to understand the shift, with a special regard to the Solvay factory in Ebensee. During the next months until festival dates, we call for open collaboration of the inhabitants -the elderly and young people, families, workers, students, unemployed…- to share with us their personal and special stories and feelings through letters or texts, videos, photos, postcards, maps, old tickets, paperworks, symbolic objects or places… These materials will be our point of departure to create the “wunderkammer”.

The aim of the open call is to collect the diversity of discourses about past and recent events that influence the construction of the place, to create our personal, real and fictional portrait of Ebensee. The personal objects and stories are used and will be showed only for this aim. They will be returned to their owners at the end of the Festival.

Assistance Isabella Wiesauer

The exhibition will be displayed in the Old House of the Solvay Factory Director villa.

More info Festival der Regionen http://fdr.at/en/fdr_project/wunderkammer-ebensee/


I want to thank to

Mrs. Engl,  Dr. Franz Gillesberger (Heimatmuseum Ebensee), Iris Kästel (Frauenforum Salzkammergut), Karl-Heinz Klausner (Arbeiterheim Ebensee), Gerda Lechleitn (Phonogrammarchiv Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften), Jose Machado, Karl Neubacher, Peter Ploteny (Technisches Museum Wien mit Österreichischer Mediathek), Dr. Wolfgang Quatember (Zeitgeschichte Museum Ebensee), Walter Rieder, Johannes Scheck, Johanna Wallinger, Klaus Wallinger (Kino Ebensee), Brigitta Wallinger, Isabella Wiesauer


and very specially to Javier Fernández and Oliva







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