Interview Room 11, Edinburgh
9-30 june
Curator Ana González Chouciño

The exhibition consisted on a videoinstallation with 3 synchronized videos and three guide-booklets as part of the art piece.

The three videos speak about the history of the workers struggles in Leith, where the gallery is situated and they wanted to be windows to the places where these histories took place. The performers had a green bread on theirs hands and they pass it from one video to the other, from one historical moment to the other. This green bread is a tribute to the one the workers carried in the 1913 strike. With it they wanted to simbolize the hungry, a moldy bread.

The speech the perfomers make comes from different texts which belong to the different stories but they could be actualized nowadays as they speak about some kind of failure, the hope of social equality... and the own responsability in these processes. Each video has a guide in which all the subtextes of the place and the audio are contextualized.

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