Anarchivo Sida en Conde Duque

From 27 May to 24 September 2017
Conde Duque (Sala de Bóvedas), Madrid

AIDS Anarchive: Cultural Production Relating to the ‘AIDS Crisis’ The Future of the Revolt | WorldPride Madrid 2017

As part of the events of the World Pride in Madrid 2017 it is celebrated of the 40th aniversary of the first demostration in Spain to ask for the derogation of the "Ley de Peligrosidad y Rehabilitación Social" which que Criminalized lesbians, gays, transsexuals and other sexual dissidents. On 26th juny 1977 drag, tran, lesbian and gay organizations demonstrated to reclaim sexual liberation during franquism. The Future of the Revolt wants to appell to the critic memory of the LGTBQI struggles as a way to re-read recent history and illuminate the desire of transformation of present fights.

The exhibition AIDS Anarchive: Cultural Production Relating to the “AIDS Crisis” in Southern Europe and Latin America. 1985-2016 takes cultural production associated with the “AIDS crisis” in southern Europe and Latin America as its starting point, focusing in particular on Chile and Spain. The project approaches HIV/AIDS not so much as a medical epidemic as a change in the visual, affective and economic paradigm, which has coexisted alongside a strengthening of neoliberal politics and the globalisation process.

The idea is not so much to hold an “archive exhibit” as it is for the archive itself to be established through the very act of being exhibited. Following three years of research and production of material, AIDS Anarchive is now being presented as an exhibition. The artist Carme Nogueira collaborated on designing this exhibition.