Compêndio de botânica

2017 Alvito, Portugal

Reasearch project, drawing and collaboration project

Done thanks to a Residence in Inter.meada 2016


The project consists on a series of drawings in homage to some educative practices that took place in Portugal in the 1930s. Taking into account that the domestic space is present in the physical distribution of the school, I wanted to make it more visible and emphasize the importance of the local and of the domestic in the pedagogical practice.

The exhibition took place at a school building


- Espaço Adães Bermudes, Alvito 18 novembro 2017 a 17 fevereiro 2018

Bartolomeu Gusmão, Carme Nogueira, Eladio Aguilera, João Gabriel, Pedro Calhau, Rui Algarvio




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