The meetings:
17.12.2016, 11h30 - Dr. Gaspar Martins Pereira y Carla Sequeira | 15h00 - Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro
18.12.2016, 16h00 - Fernando José Pereira
20.12.2016, 11h00 - Dr. Carlos Krug Noronha
22.12.2016, 16h00 - Eduardo Brito | 19h00 - Manuel Penteado
Biographies of the speakers:
Dr. Gaspar Martins Pereira is a full professor in the Department of History and Political and International Studies at FLUP. He was co-founder and scientific coordinator of the Group of History Studies of Duriense Viticulture and Port Wine (GEHVID) (1994-2001).

Carla Sequeira holds a PhD from FLUP, University of Porto, and is a PhD resear-cher at CITCEM. Its fields of study and interests are the Socio-Institutional History, the Contemporary Period and the Demarcated Region of the Douro.

Gabriela Vaz-Pinheiro is an artist and curator of public art and design for urban space. She was Director of Art and Architecture at Guimarães 2012 and since 2004 she teaches at the Faculty of Fine Art of Porto. Directs the Master in Art and Designfor the Public Space, as well as collaborates regularly with several other academic institutions.

Fernando Jose Pereira is artist and teacher at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto, acti-vity that complement with a reflexive practice that acquires a dimension almost as important as his strictly artistic practice. Founding member and current co-director of VIROSE, an interdisciplinary Association dedicated to the media and the study of the relations between art and technology.

Dr. Carlos Krug Noronha is a doctor from the Faculty of Medicine of Porto. He founded the Krug Noronha radiology practice in the city of Lobito, Benguela dis-trict (Angola) in 1969, and is currently located in Porto and Espinho.

Eduardo Brito is artist. He was coordinator of Reimaginar Guimarães, a project for archiving, curating and editing of photographic assets developed at Guimarães 2012, the European Capital of Culture. Studied History and Aesthetics of Cinema at the Faculty of Letters.

Manuel Penteado was a soccer player. Born in Angola, he palyed in teams like Salgueiros, after having spent two seasons at FC Porto where he won a Candido de Oliveira Super Cup (1981), as well as Leixões and Beira-Mar. He has been working for 12 years at the Serralves Foundation.