Instalación en la fachada del espacio anexo, MARCO Vigo

In february, 2008, Azucena Vieites made a paint in the later facade of the MARCO.
The main entrance of the museum is the ussual space for demostrations in the city and is a very central place in the social life of the city. The later space, where the guinea fowl was made, is a no so journeyed space and no so representative.
Azucena Vieites’s intervention —a piece of graffiti art inspired on the front cover of the book New Feminism (Eds. Marina Gr_ini_, Rosa Reitsamer. Löcker Verlag, Vienna, 2007) designed by the same artist— was executed on the back wall of the MARCO in a quiet backstreet, just prior to the inauguration, at a late hour, and in almost total darkness, thus emphasizing the idea of acting on the margins of the established.

During this night a picture was taken. This picture was installed in the Anexo space´s facade to act as a false mirror that remember the action and another use of the space. In the picture installed in the glass there is also a picture of the interior of Próspera Bazaar in Vigo, simulating that the bazaar has been moved to the Anexo Room.