Site specific intervention and photography, 2011

This is one of the streets which have changed more in the last years. It is a bouleverd in the way of the big boulevards of Europe. It is still an important commercial and entertainment center, but it is not as central as before or at least in a different way. One of the more visible changes have to do with theater and cinema. A lot of cinemas have been closed in the last years and also the form of entertainment in Berlin has changed (and moved to other places, other centers). It is also interesting that some cinemas are using the idea of nostalgia to renew its use: playing with reconstruction of the building as a kind of luxury cinema (and also nostalgia of a past glamour). Some important Caffes were also located in this street (Möhring, Kranzler...). They are closed now or have another roll in the city.

During the nights the street is quite this is why I worked at nights. The famous vitrines are still an important symbol there. 2010 was the 125 anniversary year of this boulevard. During my intervention I made a projection while I was up in the stair.


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