Site specific intervention, action and photography, 2011


Lietzensee is a lake in the near from Kantstrasse and other important places of Charlottenburg. This is also a meeting place for people from the area and most of the inhabitants of this place have been living there from more than 20 years. I used to lived in the area when I studied years ago in the city. This is one of the important reasons for my project. I chose this place to stay for some weeks, going everyday to see the place from a specific point of view and also trying to find words to depict what I was looking at: a place that looks like not much has changed... but some transformation is there. After some days some people go up the stairs and told me some stories. The first thing people told me was that there is an important land mark: THE FUNKTURM. This is tower has its correlate in the FERNSEHEN TURM.

During some days in the last minutes of my stay at the lake The Fernssehen Turm (symbol of the former East) was projected in my back while I hide the Funkturm (one of the land marks of the former West). Some posters in the area announced this event.






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