Participación en Música en Branco

Part of the project "Música en branco: memoria da Agra do Orzán" developed by Sinsalaudio for Ágora, Coruña 2013

In July 2013 Contenedor de Feminismos did a docu-action in Ágora Square about the diferent realities of the women in Agra do Orzán, using music as thread.

Women´s testimonies mixed different realities, they spoked not only about music, but also about education, maternity, tradition, language, issues that are closely related to the way of understand music... The participants came from different countries as the senegalese Elisabeth Ndyae, who sang for us, polical fighters as Maruja y Sara or young women, as Noa, implicated in traditional galician music.

Participants: Sara Cao, Araceli Barros, Ramona del Prisco, Noa Seixo, Rosa Pereiro, Elisabeth Ndyae...

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