Site specific intervention and photography, 2011

In kantstrasse, there is Savignyplatz. This square is also an important place where people living in this area meet, but also it has been a key place in the history of Berlin. Among all the events that took place in this square (or in the vicinity) I have chosen a poem by Mascha Kaléko . Kaléko was a poet from Poland (Galicia) who emigrate to Germany after the first War World and in 1938 she had to escape to EEUU because the Nazi persecution. She attained fame thaks to her satirical writings and frequented places like the "Romanisches Café" (in Ku´dam, close to this square), where the literary world met.

The recited poem is understood as a cultural translation. It was recited in german:

Schön war die Fremde, doch Ersatz.
Mein Heimweh hieß Savignyplatz.”

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