Seminario Qué facer coas nosas prazas?


The pieces were installed in Parque da Trisca. The seminar-encounter wanted to gather the opinion of the people of the neighborhood and to reflect about public spaces in general.
The first reaction was an anonimus act: someone put one stair-bench in Praza do Cruceiro out. He pretends to park a car.
We did the first part of the encounter the 28th september. Due to climatical and organization reason, we continuous the encounter the 14th october.


Afther the encounter we found some conclusions about the public spaces in Barrio de San Pedro: A Trisca used to be a central place before a reshuffle of the neighborhood. It is still a social place, but no so sure. There are need for parcking in the area and the socila places are different the ones were the seats are located. All these reflections are in the DVD.
Afther the talk I proyect the video "The social life of small urban spaces" by William Whyte.

The neighbours decide to separate the four modules of the installation. This was the final placement.

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