Gaiety Theather

Gaiety Theater, 13min loop

(image view of the three videos, Gaiety is the one in the right)

This video is part of the video installation "Leith Walk. Our share of the profits" that consists on 3 synchronized videos installed as windows. The videos show a landscape in which a performer enters and gives a speech acting as a guide. This video extract corresponds with the moment of the speec act.


Curator // Comisariado Ana González Chouciño.

Performers // Intérpretes Morvern Cunningham

Still Photography // Fotografía fija Javier Fernández.

Camera // Cámara Carme Nogueira.

Video Post-production // Postproducción de vídeo Carme Nogueira.

Audio Post-production // Postproducción de sonido Producciones Pastora.


A small publication (guide) is part of the work

Link to the guide:



video excerpt:

Leith Walk. Our share of the profits I from carme on Vimeo.






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