"Voguing" is a guided visit in a comercial street in Pontevedra (Spain).


The speaker is situated behind the camera. The body is only visible by the voice and the encounter with the other bodies in the street.
The speech makes reference to the construction of the body in the social realm (about all, it speaks of those bodies who needs to learn how to behabe and are more conscious of the performative aspect).
As the narrator repeats the speech repeatedly, as if she wanted to learning it, her body becomes more visble, subjective and partial, denying the idea of a neutral and universal narrator.

Afher the record of the action there is a visual anex whit the subtexts of the action, in this case, the speech that is a quote from the documental "Paris is burning" by Jeanne Livingston.

Voguing was produced with the occassion of the project "Cinema e Muller" curated by Xisela Franco and Beli Martínez. Diputación de Pontevedra and is part of Visión, colaborative film by Eva Calvar, Sonia Méndez, Olaia Sendón, Claudia Brenlla, Andrea Zapata-Girau, Begoña M. Santiago, Carme Nogueira, Lara Bacelo, Diana Toucedo e Carla Andrade.