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During the residency process and due to the limitations caused by COVID-19, the work was organized in such a way that I carried out the residency remotely and Elena Prado did the research work in Breda.
Initially, the reference we had of Spanish workers in Breda was limited. We knew, thanks also to the mediation of Witte Rook, (Esther van Rosmalen) and Stedelijk Museum Breda (Marjolein Van de Ven and Masha Van Vliet), the existence of an association of Spaniards, FEBO, as well as the existence of certain people active in the social and cultural life in Breda. We also start from the documents present in the local archive to establish a dialogic relationship with it.

During the two months of investigation, Elena interviewed and contacted a large number of people. Thanks to this process, it was possible to gather a large number of documents, as well as to relate the history of Breda, the Spanish emigration and artistic movements (especially in relation to Nelly W Soetens).

All this material was donated to the Municipal Archive, where it will be kept and will also be able to dialogue with the history of the city itself.

The archive created its own space for this donation:

The project is pending to be completed with a publication where all these relationships will be made visible.