Próspera, executed in Pekín, consisted on several parts, street actions, a site-specific intervention in the facade of the Exhibition Room and a site-specific intervention inside the exhibition room. The second part of this project was developed in Espazo Anexo, MARCO, Vigo. The whole project was about the gaze over the pubic space, the meaning of the urban context, its use and its changes, issues already developed in other works in the Refuxios series.

Inside the exhibition room there are two videos documenting the street actions in Pekín and Vigo. They are one in front the other, underlining some contrasts: uses of the street in the daylight and nightlight; comunal spaces or conflicting places... These contrasts are understood as complementary. Behind the screen (made of a carpboard wall which is part of the inside installation) there is a "Refuxio" dealing with the structure of a well known Hutong from Pekín, (a Hutong is a tradicional comunal neighbourhood). The comunal life is very important in the Chinese Society.

Refuxios, made from cardboard boxes using the natural scale, speak about the use of the space, the architeture and urban context but also about the incorporation of the space to the human body.
Emotional shelters that show the fragility of our position.